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Isnin, 17 Januari 2011

:) ~17/1?2011~ (:

17 january 2011,...

this morning perkara, cn wakeup my mood yg agk lazy to came to the class..... huhuhuh dun noe la...y tetibe mimpi kn die..... hahhahhaah at time 8.14 a.m i msj him ..... dat make me happy tau... dun knoe y.... something make my feel terhibur n i looked at my back memories... oh no...! dat r so sweEt when i try to ushar him..... hahahahaha
sometimes i feel shy gak cus im trying to ushar him dulu.... btw dat still will be my memories n  never be ONE  ..... bcus of our races and our religions.... he r cristhian n me r islam so at there have point y we can't 2gether...
n if he masuk islam pn i cn't accept bcus of somethin..... dat too late...  but kalu da jodoh from GOD what we can do kan... huhuhuhhuhu
but when we msging i feel funny and anything... i cn't expect we can closed as a fren la huhuuhu....  btw we share our probs n idea but not all la.... when i said " awk tgglkan sy"  n he said "bila masa sy tgglkan awk ek?" feel nk tgelak lak n ase sedih cus i leave he first cus of somethin lg2 my age it too young what in my mind is enjoy!!!! hohohohoho but im didnt hv feel but ade ase bsalah when i remember he won't let me go... but i buat dono je... hahhhahah sedih + funny.......btw TAN DONG NI u still will be my memories hehehhehe .......